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Absolute Roofing Specialists in Wichita, KS re-roofs hundreds of homes each year. Before roof installation, we assess the inside and outside of your home. Our inspectors look for water leaks, decking deterioration, granular deterioration, shingle problems, dark patches, algae presence, flashing damage, and improper ventilation.


Once the assessment is complete, our roofing specialists will determine whether your roof needs to be repaired or replaced and give you an estimate. If roof replacement is necessary, we'll make sure we're by your side from the start to finish of the process. Count on our workmanship warranties for guaranteed satisfaction!

Superb workmanship warranties on your roofing system

Dependable roof repair services

It's a good idea to schedule your property for routine roof assessments and maintenance. Not only would this minimize your expenses, but also extend the life of your roof.


You can learn more about common roof problems in our resource center. At Absolute Roofing Specialists, we handle roofing repairs using quality materials that might not be available at local home improvement stores.


Wind and water can penetrate even your water-tight roof at times; we'll make sure your roof is protected from changing weather patterns.

Cost-efficient roof replacement to protect your home

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